HTC Shift with 100GB hard drive upgrade

This guide will show you how to successfully install a 100GB Toshiba hard drive.

1) Follow the disassemble guide until the back cover on the Shift is removed.

2) Carefully pull back the tape found on the ribbon cable connecting to the hard drive.

3) Pull gently the ribbon cable that connects to the hard drive interface. I used pliers with electrical tape around the pinchers to not scuff/scratch the ribbon cable. The hard drive connector is of LIF type (Low Insertion Force) meaning it’s on there simply by pressure and not secured by any clips. It should slide out easily.

4) Remove the rubber casing around the hard drive and store somewhere. It can’t be used with the 8mm 100GB hard drive due to the depth difference between the two. (trust me… i tried).

5) Using a thin rubber patch (like those for bike tires/air mattresses), place it in the area where the 100GB hard drive will sit, in this way the drive sits on top of the rubber patch.

6) Push the ribbon cable into the LIF connector on the Toshiba 100GB Hard Drive. It should slide in fairly easily. Note: there are no audible clicks, just push it in as far as you can and secure it with the tape the same way the 40GB was.

7) Close the back cover and secure it with the screws. It should close fairly snug in the area where the 100GB is; nonetheless, it should close. If it doesn’t, check your drive positioning.

8) Follow the disassemble guide to replace the keyboard (do the reverse).

9) Boot the system and the BIOS will automatically detect the new 100GB drive!

10) Enjoy! (remember, this is just a guide… i am not responsible for damages or warranty void)


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