Motorola MPx200 bass mod

If you have a MPx200, should to know that the sound with headphones is not pretty good, the bass is missing and the volume power is not much. Here I have a mod solution that makes the phone sounds better then MP3 player 🙂

What you need:

  1. Torx T5 screwdriver
  2. Old IDE cable
  3. Insulating tape
  4. Soldering-iron
  5. Two capacitors 100 or 470 mf

First, disassamble the phone, and remove the keyboard to acces the circuit board:

The basic – we need to put our two capacitors (in my case – 470 mf) inside, and connect it to the two SMD capacitors on the board like here:

Now, we have to use a piece of IDE cable for connection. Make sure you check the polarity, see the picture:

After soldering, cut some insulating tape and place it over the soldered zone:

Put on the keybord over, and isolate the capacitors:

In tnis step, simply put the isolated capacitors inside (in the antenna hole):

Close the phone, and feel the difference 🙂

MP3 player

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