HTC release software fix for the HD2 camera “pink spot” bug

HTC HD2 certainly is a fine piece of technology, unfortunately its 5 megapixel camera seems to have a rather *pink* spot for images plaguing every other unit out there. Luckily, HTC kept to their promise and quickly delivered a remedy so the HD2 owners can have a happier life now. HTC have released a “Digital Picture Enhancement” for the HTC HD2 that fixes the issues.

The good news doesn’t end here. HTC also released a 1.48 ROM update for the HD2, which improves a few of the other features of the device.

According to the manufacturer the software update should enhance the music player behavior, the Opera browser auto rotation and the sound quality during a call. Now we’ve never had issues with those things in the first place but perhaps other have had some. We couldn’t try the update ourselves, as the HTC download seem down at the moment.

You can get the pink spot fix over here and the new ROM here.

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