Top 5 of the best cases for HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 is the replacement for the HTC Touch HD. It’s changed considerably compared to the original Touch HD, so if you’re upgrading from one to the other, your existing case won’t fit the HD2. The screen on the HD2 is huge – 4.2″, making it perfect for browsing the internet, looking at photos and watching movies.

1. FlexiShield Skin for the HTC HD2

If you want a case for your HD2 but don’t want a leather case, or maybe you prefer a case that is a bit more practical, then a FlexiShield Skin will probably suit you best. FlexiShield Skins for the HD2 are thicker and tougher than standard Silicone Cases, but add very little bulk to your phone. They will certainly give your phone more bounce if (and when) you drop it! It has a non slip feel to it and covers all of the back of the handset, leaving the camera free for you to take your photos. The screen of your HD2 isn’t covered though, so I’d recommend using this case with a HTC SP-300 HD2 Screen Protector.

FlexiShield Skin for the HTC HD2

FlexiShield Skin for the HTC HD2

2. Noreve HD2 Traditional Leather Case

Noreve produce high quality cases for a range of top end smart phones. The Noreve Flip Case for the HD2 is an elegant case that gives Piel Frama and PDair a run for their money. The case is the same shape as the phone and moulds around it beautifully. The whole case is hand crafted from top quality leather and leaves your camera, charging ports and volume keys accessible. The case has a detachable ratchet clip on the back that can be removed easily to leave the back of the case perfectly flat.

Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for HTC HD2

Noreve Tradition A Leather Case for HTC HD2

3. HTC Carry Pouch SO-510

The HD2 is a smart looking phone that needs a smart looking case. The S510 has been designed specifically for the HD2. It’s a pouch style case that made from a high quality fabric with coloured stitching and a soft lining that helps to keep your screen fingerprint free.

HTC HD2 Pouch – PO S510

HTC HD2 Pouch - PO S510

4. Krusell Orbit Flex for HTC HD2

Krusell make some great cases, and the Orbit Flex range is one of their most popular. They are designed specifically for touchscreen phones and allow quick and easy access to your phone with out adding any unneccesary bulk. They have a soft touch lining that helps keep your screen clean while its in the case. The flip can be detached from the case for improved access. All Krusell cases work with the Multidapt range of clips and mounts so you can find the right mounting option for your phone.

HTC HD2 Orbit Flex Krusell Premium Leather Case

HTC HD2 Orbit Flex Krusell Premium Leather Case

5. HTC HD2 Leather Flip Case

The Leather Flip case is made with a hardened leather outer shell for increased durability and protection. The inside of the case has a stitched pocket to keep your HD2 in place. Convenient cutouts allow full access to side buttons, sockets, charger & memory card slots without compromising protection. The flip folds down from the top of the phone, is reinforced to protect the screen against knocks and scrapes and is held closed with a magnetic fastening.

Flip Case – HTC HD2

Flip Case - HTC HD2

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