Apple and Google to release accessories for smartphones


Even though most users tend to think the direction of the whole market is determined by just a few important products every year, it’s actually quite common for companies to work on the same concepts in the same time, without knowing what the competition is up to. It seems that’s the case with the latest smartphone accessories, which are going to enhance your phone in many ways (according to the ads, anyway).

iPhone 4S Siri
iPhone 4S Siri


New York Times have just announced, that both Apple and Google have been testing such products in the past months. What you should expect from Apple is a bracelet, which you’ll be able to wirelessly connect to your iPhone and control via Siri. The idea is that users are going to interact with their phones indirectly, which will make the usage of some services much quicker and more discreet. Google are also working on such a project and they have even hired Apple and Nokia employees to work on it. It’s still unknown when these products are going to be released.

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