dkBlack Theme v2 for WM6.5 and WM6.5.3

Another great theme for WM6.5 and WM6.5.3 devices, you will love this one!

Install Instructions:

– STEP 1: Install “De’Key dkBlack Theme v2” (or if you just want to change manila install just “De’Key dkBlack Theme ManilaOnly v2” / then forget about step 2, and if you just want to change Windows graphics then just install “De’Key dkBlack Theme WindowsOnly v2” / But don’t forget step 2 here),

– STEP 2: Don’t forget to make sure that “dkBlack Theme” is enabled in settings.

– STEP 3: If you like to, you can download dkIcons and dkBackground and use them),


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