Xbox Companion App – control your Xbox console with your Windows Phone

Microsoft presented a new application for Xbox 360 owners – remote control access directly from your Windows Phone. The application is free and with his help the owners of Windows Phone devices will be able to manage the console and navigate through the content in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace:

  • Finding Content
  • Learn more about what you’re watching, listening to, or playing
  • Control & Play
Windows Phone Xbox remote control app
Windows Phone Xbox remote control app


It will also offers information about the content that is currently in use – for example if a song is played on the Xbox, data on it as album, artist, etc. will appear on the phone. The application will have a software controller that can be used to control the mainscreen of the Xbox 360 as well as control playback of music and video.

Xbox Companion App is not yet available for download, but Microsoft promises that this will happen soon.

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