The Mac app store

No need of any box, any disk and the time consuming troublesome installation process!!! Apple recently launched the new Apple Mac App store. With this new App store it is quite easy to get apps you really wanted for your Mac PC. This App store is now available as an update for PCs that are running on MAC OS X Snow Leopard.

With this innovative software you can get applications right away on your Mac. This Mac App Store is just like the iPad, iPhone and iPod app store. It is quite easy to find and download the desired apps for your Mac. Just like you search and find your favorite applications in iPhone app store it is the same for Mac users. You can also browse apps category-wise like music, fashion, game, lifestyle etc. There are also screenshots available which you can enlarge. If you like an app there is an option to buy that instantly. It is that easy. Is not it? Okay, let us then have look at some other cool features of the mac store.

The new Mac app store completely changes the way software and applications are installed on a Mac system. All can be done within a single step. The password is same that you use for buying apps for your iPhone, iPads and iPod. Within some seconds the apps will be ready to be downloaded. So, it is perfectly said by apple that you can spend more time on enjoying the applications and games and less time on installing them.

As you read, the download and installation process is quite easy. Similarly the update process can also be done with comfort. The developers always release new updates for the apps. So, the Mac store keeps track of the new updates that are released and informs you. You may either update one app at a time or multiple apps. In that way, you are going to have the latest version of each and every app you own.

Okay, now comes the question how to update the apps. That is simple. Just click on the Apple symbol on your home screen. Then choose software updates from the drop down menu and then update apps using the instructions. You can even update the Mac OS X. This also includes the latest version of App Store.

There is also one more interesting feature worth noting. If you have downloaded a file from internet or got an email, but don’t know how to open it, then Apple Mac store will help you out. You can search for appropriate app from the store and open the particular file.

Well, we have covered almost all the important aspects of Apple’s newly launched Mac store so far. This is a recent innovative step from Apple and obviously is going under tremendous development. Downloading, installing and updating apps have become seamlessly easy with this step and we hope it helped you too.

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