Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Now Released!

Windows RT Jailbreak

Windows RT Jailbreak


Finally, here is the new Windows RT jailbreak tool by netham45 @ XDA-Developers, an all-in-one program to jailbreak Windows RT tablets using the method recently released by clrokr. With this one, you can run any unsigned or custom desktop application!

How-to use it:

  • Boot your Windows RT tablet and log-in, allow it to sit on the desktop for about a minute
  • Run runExploit.bat, wait for it to do it’s thing (shouldn’t be more than 20-30 seconds)
  • Press Volume Down
  • Wait for runExploit.bat to finish, answer any prompts it gives. They should all be fairly self-explanatory

Note: you need to run the jailbreak tool on every system start-up, it will stop working if you do a soft reset!


Download and more information

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