Windows Phone Tango ROM released for HTC HD2

Windows Phone Tango ROM for HTC HD2
Windows Phone Tango ROM for HTC HD2


Great news for all HD2 owners, after the UltraFruit ROM from DFT and Cotulla, here is another surprise – the first Windows Phone Tango ROMs for HTC HD2 now available! Even if the Tango update is not officially released yet, some devs already have it leaked and ported to our beloved HTC HD2!

The new Windows Phone Tango build 8773 ROMs are based on the UltraFruit ROM, so expect better battery life and performance.

Here is the stuff:

HD2O v2.00b3 Windows Phone Tango 7.5 8773 FULLY UNLOCKED ROM:

  • Rebased ROM on DFT UltraFruit
  • New ultrashot goodies (quickmenu, wmdc, searchkey remap)
  • DFT BT File transfer app
  • Winco’s wAppStore
  • LEO Ext Settings not included yet (old xap in the HD2O market)
  • Andim’s touchdriver
  • Charging sound muted
  • Pool size adjustments (20/15MB loader-/file-pool)
  • Other tweaks and optimizations
  • All 8107 language mui’s added

Download HD2O v2.00b3 ROM


Pdaimatejam Rom Windows Phone 7.5 Tango 7.10.8773.98 v7.8, FULLY UNLOCKED with CABS Update:

  • Sounds Fixs
  • Operatorpkg Fixs
  • Connection Setup 1.14 Update
  • SupremeShortcuts 2.2.3 Update
  • Radio 5.51
  • Changes in performance and sound settings
  • Some of the settings and
  • USA 0409 English United States
  • 0809 English United Kingdom

Download Pdaimatejam Rom V7.8



Leo Extra Settings is only allowed in Xb0xMod, Cotulla and HD2O ROMs, other ROMs have to use WP7 extra settings.

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