Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools – offline installation

Now you can download the Full Offline Developer Tools by downloading this file.…A/CTP.7z_links

Where it includes:
1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition for Windows Phone.
2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Debugger Tools.
3. Standalone Windows Phone 7 Emulator + Standard Image.
4. Silverlight 4 SDK for Windows Phone.
5. Silverlight 4 DevTools for Windows Phone Apps.
6. XNA Studio 4 for Windows Phone Gaming.

Instructions for offline installation:
There are 2 ways to install.
1. Automatic:
By double clicking the CTP.exe file.

2. Manual:
By Extracting CTP.exe file to a folder, and copy the entire folder present in [CopyToTemp] folder to this path
Vista/7: “C:\Users\{Your User}\AppData\Local\Temp”
XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\{Your User}\Application Data\Temp”

After copying finishes, run vm_web.exe.

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