Windows Phone 7 bugs list

Users could use this thread to list all the bugs they noticed on Windows Phone 7.

Here are the ones that have already been identified:

* Automatic reboot of the phone
* Automatic reboot of the phone and loss of all datas
* Pictures assigned to Live Tiles (people, pictures, etc) are very low resolution pictures
* Camera settings are not saved

* WP7 freezes during Maketplace scrolling
* Marketplace crashes, then refuses to load (reboot necessary)
* In the Marketplace menu, pushing the ‘back’ button only leads to a black screen
* App updates failing to download/install
* Update of some specific apps failing due to “licensing problems” (IMDB, foursquare, Touchnote, Wipolo, some HTC apps)
* Error Code c101a24b when downloading/updating apps

* WP7 apparently unable to connect to password protected WiFi (WPA/WPA2 security)
* WP7 unable to connect to hidden WiFi networks (known issue)
* Some Facebook contacts are missing from People’s Hub
* Deleted people in Facebook still appear in the People Live Tile
* Hidden posts in Facebook still appear in the WP7 Facebook feed
* Exchange ActiveSync Error Code: 85010013 Security Policies
* Error code 86000206 when synchronizing to Hotmail account
* WP7’s calendar refuses to push to Google calendar
* Emails menu tends to start too easily/often in ‘landscape mode’ (may depends on the hardware?)
* Emails will not display included images (still not solved)
* No way to save a picture included in an email (if the pic is included and not attached)

* Zune crashes, then refuses to load (reboot necessary)
* Zune does not always display the artist as background (which remains black)
* Zune sound quality: strangely there is always some background hiss noise.
* The volume of Zune may vary (e.g. louder after receiving a phone call)
* Sometimes Zune’s background displays the artist of the preceding song /or the next song
* Turn off the sound of certain games may possibly also turn off the sound in Zune [to be confirmed. (e.g. RocketRiot or Bye Bye Brain)]
* Volume missing feature: global volume control only: Turn Zune’s volume up will also turn up the general volume (ringtone, messaging alerts, keyboard sound)

* No url address in landscape mode
* Auto-text resize in Internet Explorer not working properly

* Bing Maps not working properly in several non-US contries
* Vocal and local search not available in most European countries (missing feature)
* Absence of Bing Images, strangely left out (missing feature)

* WP7 refuses to play most m4a podcasts (despite m4a is in the list of Windows Phone supported media codecs).


* Localization without GPS not working fine on 3G networks (apparently works fine under 2G coverage)

* Once the audio jack is unplugged the Voice Command may not work (reboot necessary) [mostly noticed on the Focus]

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