7 essential Android apps for personal finance

Technology has changed a lot of things in our life. It was hard to imagine to manage all major financial activities can be managed through cell phone even in few years back. But the concept and functionality of smart phone has created a breakthrough in not only in our personal file, but also in our financial life. Today we are going to discover 7 most popular and useful Android applications that can help you to manage your financial activities. So let’s check out the list we have today for you.


When it comes to the point of financial applications for Android, first name comes in the list is Mint. It has all the features to manage and track your regular financial activities. For example, checking your bank account balance and transactions, keeping an eye on your spending and comparing that with your monthly budget, all can be done with this Android app. Even it can alert you to pay your bills on time.

Google Finance

It will be hard to find people who have doubt on Google’s application. Google Finance is a cool application to manage your investment portfolio, monitor the real time market rate and also receive all financial news at a glance.


Loot is a popular Android application to manage your bank accounts. It supports multiple adding accounts, monitor those accounts and also transfer balance between all accounts. It comes with a cool graphical interface and very much user friendly.


This is another financial application come with the specialty to categorize your income and expenses. It can compare your budget and present report graphically including the budgets on class and subcategory. You can also export the report into csv and QIF to analyze the using other software.


This one is my personal favorite financial application for Android phone. This open source financial manager comes with multiple accounts and multiple currency options. With the help of Financisto you can schedule your transactions and also set recurring transactions easily.

Daily Expense Manager

This is another free Android application to manage your financial activity. Daily Expense Manager lets you aware of all your financial activity. You can view your expanse by day, month or ever category wise. It also allows synchronizing application data to analyze using other applications.

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