7 best sction games for your Android phone

If you own an Android phone, then you must be looking for some good games for your free time. There are numerous games available in the market and some are really addictive. There are different categories of games like racing, puzzles, and action. The choice of games largely depends on the person’s interest. The Android market offers free games as well as games for a price. Though all games are fun there are some which cause sleepless nights. Various games are available freely and you can enjoy your waiting times by playing on your Android phone. But if you are an ardent player and love android games, then pick and choose the games of your interest and you can get it for a price.

An Android phone runs on the Android operating system developed by Google. It offers various features for the user. An Android phone can run multiple applications at the same time. The functionality of the phone is also better than other cell phones. The gaming technology used in the Android phone gives a different experience and is therefore gaining popularity day by day.

Let’s look at some of the popular action games. Listed below are the 7 best action games for your Android phone.


This is a popular action games released in October 2010. The game is based on the nuclear world and can be played by multiple players.


From its release in September 2010, this game is enjoyed by people of all ages as it is related to soccer.


In this game, you have to fight with dangerous fighters from inside the ring. This is enjoyed by people who have an interest in boxing games.


This game is easy and full of excitement. So enjoy the thrill of being a spider man and doing things to save people.


The game involves bringing down planes, choppers and paratroops. It is a thrilling game and is enjoyed by many.


This is an interesting game. You have to just make sure that the slimeball moves correctly. You gain points as the slime eats the stuff on the way.


The blue planet is made to move around the screen avoiding the solar nasties. The purple and yellow enemies can be zapped for a score but as you zap larger ones, the pieces move faster. The colorful visuals and the speed make this game very interesting.

Free or paid, store games on your Android phone and add to the features on your phone. The Android market is gaining popularity and there will be lot more games available in the market in future. At present, the android system is growing fast and there will be lot more features available on phones and other devices.

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