Windows Mobile 7 running on HTC Universal

While HTC Universal is a pretty old device in these days, it has been spotted running Windows Mobile 7 in Russia . Windows Mobile 7 is destined to be released in the Q3 of 2010 and we can expect the first Windows Mobile 7 device sometime in Q4 2010. This means that Windows Mobile 7 can run on pretty much any device.

A couple of days ago we write about the minimum system requirements for Windows Mobile 7, but now seems they are a lot less:

Minimum ROM: 128 mb + 512 flash / They are stated with 8 GB – very far from the true
Minimum RAM: 128 mb – recomended 256+
CPU: 600mhz ARM v6+ / Stated 1 GHz – very far from the true
FM reciever is not a requirement for WM7 – means that it is not needed for WM7 to funktion properly
Compass is not a requirement for WM7 – means that it is recommended for the device to have compass but it is not needed by the OS to funktion properly
3.6′ display – not requirement at all WM7 devices will be available in many difrend display sizes
WVGA is not minimal resolution for WM7, there are vesions available by Microsoft which are QVGA as well WM7 support al resolutions and it is up to the OEM which one they will use for their devices
G-Sensor (accelerometer) – not required for functioning, recommended but not required

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