Dual boot Windows Mobile and Android OS

Gen.Y DualBOOT
Gen.Y DualBOOT

Gen.Y DualBOOT v1.03[QVGA|VGA|WVGA] – Dual boot solution for Windows Mobile devices with XDANDROID.

Android on Windows Mobile devices is getting more and more popular, especially with the latest developments, and it’s almost ready for daily use. If you want to have an app so we could easily boot into both Windows Mobile & Android, and Gen.Y DualBOOT was the solution. This release is made for VGA devices, and supports booting Android both from Internal Storage (moviNAND, e.g. Touch Diamond) & Storage Card (SDMemory, e.g. Touch Pro). WVGA version and QVGA version is also ready. This app has been tested on WM6.1, but will work perfectly on WM6.5.x as well.
Keep in mind that your android setup must be installed already at the root of your storage card in order for this app to work correctly (e.g. \Internal Storage\haret.exe or \Storage Card\haret.exe respectively).

This app is launched by a registry key created in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init], so it launches directly at boot after shell gets initialized.
Chefs: If u are going to cook this app into your ROM, make sure that this key gets added DURING your customization procedure (and not before!)

There are 2 checkboxes, enabling automatic boot:
AutoBoot: enabling this mode will automatically boot the OS of your choice after a 10 second countdown
> disabling autoboot will remove the countdown completely
FastBoot: enabling this mode will automatically boot the OS of your choice after a 3 second countdown (requires AutoBoot to be enabled first)

Now apart from these 2 checkboxes, u have 2 radiobuttons, which allow u to choose which OS gets automatically booted.

And last but not least, u have the 2 manual launch buttons. Pressing these buttons will directly launch (overriding autoboot) Windows Mobile or Android.

Gen.Y DualBOOT checks for 5 registry keys, which allow some form of customiation. Apart from the last key (StorageBootMode), all keys can be modified utilizing the radio & check buttons in the GUI. All of these keys can be found in:

Here’s quick list describing what the keys are for

  • “AutoBootEnabled”=dword:1 (1: enable autoboot | 0: disable autoboot)
  • “FastBootEnabled”=dword:0 (1: enable fastboot | 0: disable fastboot)
  • “AutoBootAndroid”=dword:1 (1: boot Android | 0: boot Windows)
  • “StorageBootMode”=dword:0 (1: boot from Storage Card (SDMemory) | 0: boot from Internal Storage (moviNAND))
  • “AndroidBootFolder”=dword:0 (1: boot from \Android\ folder on storage (e.g. \Storage Card\Android\haret.exe)| 0: boot from root of storage)


Dual boot Windows Mobile and Android OS

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