Windows Mobile 6.1 WWE custom ROM for HP IPAQ rx1950

For al lHP IPAQ rx1950 users out there, this is the best ROM ever for this “old” Pocket PC device, it’s fast and stable, just download and flash it!

Download from:




How to flash instructions:

Windows XP only.

1. Connect you Device To PC “USB CONNECTION” with Microsoft ActivSync Installed…

2. Follow the instruction .. (May appear some device notification to
allow recognize of the device correctly and changes to flash mode etc ” You Must Always Click Accept” or you will not be able to flash your device)

3. Run “hpRUU” tools to and follow the instruction.
If the program can not flash for some reason, try to put your device in “Flash Mode” Manually by pressing “Contact + Email + Reset together” and try again.

4. When the process finish ..The device will restart automatically.

5. When the boot loader is loading Make HARD RESET ( By Holding ” CALENDAR + WIRELESS + Reset ” For 3 Second !

6. Wait to re boot… “it may take about 2 or 3 Minute for the First time” ….

7. Calibrate the screen as Usually ..

8. Now go to ” Start / Programs / Address Book ” Run that Allow the two files needed ( By Accepting the notification Bellow)

9. In the same program go to “Menu /Option” And In the first tap “General” Mark this options :

Set as default contact manager
Assign on hardware button

10. Then Press OK … Exit the program

11. Soft Reset…

12. Accept the notification about the WIFI program ! Then will appear in the Today menu the WIFI Icon where you can Power On /Off the wireless ….(As the default “Hp Wireless manager” dose not work properly).


Optional you can install the office cap as usually ! included …

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