Wheel – game for Windows Mobile

here is the new platform game for Windows Mobile, playable at Pocket PC 2002 and above (yes, really), so the game is screen resolution independent (you can play on QVGA or WQVGA), however it looks best on the HVGA, VGA and WVGA screens. The most important is that you can press more than one virtual button on your classic resistive screen (as it was capacitive), which makes this type of game comfortably playable even without hardware buttons. There are no levels, there are dimensions. In each dimension, you have to found interdimensional gateway, which takes you to the new dimension, similar to the previous one, or to completely different. Red arrow accelerates the devil (red aura), green arrow slows down him. Green sprout accelerates your wheel (blue aura), but only for limited time. Also, in the beginning of every dimension, you will get little bit of extra speed, just like when you die and are resurrected. To save your game, use X -> SAVE. In main menu, use CG to continue.


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