VMware for mobiles – works with Windows CE

VMware has demoed its mobile virtualisation platform, which could potentially let users simultaneously run two different operating systems. Head of MVP engineering Julia Alston walks through the system at VMworld Europe.

What is VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform?

VMware MVP is a thin layer of software that is embedded on a mobile phone to decouple the applications and data from the underlying hardware. It is optimized to run efficiently on low power consuming and memory constrained mobile phones. The MVP currently supports a wide range of real-time and rich operating systems including Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0, Linux 2.6.x, Symbian 9.x, eCos, µITRON NORTi and µC/OS-II.

Note:  Windows Mobile is not supported yet, but Windows CE – that is a core OS on top of which Windows Mobile is built – is supported so theoretically it would be easy to extend it to Windows Mobile too.

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