Mobile Remote for Windows Mobile


Use Your Phone as a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard

MobileRemote transforms your phone into a wireless Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and media controller.  Connect to any bluetooth enabled PC and wirelessly type, move the mouse, and control the media from your phone.  MobileRemote behaves exactly like a physical Bluetooth keyboard, with the convenience and portability of your phone.

No PC Software Required

Since MobileRemote connects to your PC as a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, no software needs to be installed on your PC. Simply pair your phone with your PC once, and you are done. MobileRemote requires no additional configuration on the PC.

Remember Previous Pairings

MobileRemote can be paired with as many Bluetooth-enabled PCs as you like. Reconnecting to a previously paired PC is a simple as selecting the name from a list and clicking connect. In under a second, MobileRemote is connected to your PC and you may begin typing/controlling.

Multiple Input Methods

MobileRemote offers multiple ways to control your PC. You can type with the keyboard, tilt and scroll with the mouse, swipe your finger on the touch pad, or control the media playing on your PC.  MobileRemote also supports the built in keyboards on your device, so that you may use those if they are more convenient.

Record Common Tasks

Have a phrase you type often or a task you repeatedly perform? Use the recorder to remember your actions, and play them back at a later when you like.

Supported Devices

Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional Devices
Coming soon for Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Devices

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