A Short Guide to HTC HD2 Cases


If you’ve got a bit of kit as nifty as the HTC HD2, chances are you’re going to want to keep your baby as safe as possible – particularly with that massive touchscreen display just begging for something to scratch it.  Here’s my pick of a few different HTC HD2 cases that will ensure your phone is protected from the elements as well as keeping it looking pretty darned snazzy.

If it’s security you’re after but you don’t want to make your phone bulky and enormous, the FlexiShield Skin for HTC HD2 is probably your best bet.  A strong and durable silicone case fits snugly around the phone and protects from any knocks and bumps your phone might encounter during the day.  The rubbery-texture should also provide extra-strength grip to help you hold onto it in the event of a severe attack of butterfingers.  And if, horror of horrors,  you do find yourself loosing your grip, the case should absorb the worst of the shock.  Although I wouldn’t recommend throwing it at the floor in order to test it!

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