Upcoming devices with Windows Phone Mango


Now it’s clear that devices with Windows Phone Mango will compete with the next models of Apple – iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, because the devices will occur at the same time. Some of the mobile brands that will present phones with next version of the Microsoft’s mobile platform are: HTC, Samsung, ZTE, LG, Acer and Fujitsu Toshiba. We already told you about the firstt phone with Windows Phone Mango (IS12T), but it will be sold only in Japan from the operator KDDI. According to information from DigiTimes, we are expacting some smartphones from HTC that will work with Qualcomm processors on 1.5Ghz and their screen sizes will be between 3.8″ and 4.7″. In the end of October, Nokia will present a new models with Windows Phone, so the fans of WP7 will have a choice between a lot of different models before Christmas.

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