Samsung SGH-i780 Windows Mobile 6.5.3 WWE custom rom

Ver.: WM6.5.3 28008
HARDWARE: SGH i780/XIB1(some from omnia)
DPI: 96 (other available soon)
Lang: WWE (English)
Compr.: LZX/XPR(original by samsung)
Memory free: 179/70mb (LZX), 170/70mb (XPR)
Page pool: 12mb
KNOWN BUGS: Videocall not available (fix soon), Mouse bug.

Hardware keyboard default is: english. You can change easy layout of harware keyboard by installing according cab included to this post.
Software is full from MS ( game Bubblebr. incl.) besides Custom MS: Money, Weather, Voicecom. All Samsung soft is deleted besides: Alarms, ObexFtp, MiniPlayer,SmartConv,Zoomer. Addons: Adobe reader LE(from HTCdt2 6.5),PocketRAR, i780cursor, Lockscreen, Touchresponse, Stoptimer and other..
Fixed Resco Exporer vs 6.5.3 issue, button “x” long press closes programs, added Comm bar and Titamium bar to Chome, Smaller Sams.task manger, no certificates needed for and programs to install. GPS, processor and flash card are hardware a bit boosted but have no use of common tweaks.


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