Obama switches to Windows Mobile

Transfer of power takes place in USA next week: Barack Obama will take over from George W. Bush and will become the 44th president of USA. Obama said about USA this: “in a country that invented Internet”, what is wrong: Internet was invented by Englishman (Tim Berners-Lee) in Europe (at Europe-located scientific organization financed by several European countries)… so Obama can be wrong in some issues, including his preference of Mac over Windows.

Because now only 2 phones are certified by National Security Agency of USA and both of the are Windows Mobile powered! More info about Sectera phone:

Similar in form and function to a commercial cell phone/personal digital assistant (PDA), the Sectéra Edge is capable of synchronizing information with a user’s computer, enabling access to calendar, address book, calculator, notepad and other PDA capabilities. The smartphone operates on existing Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) commercial cellular networks. Planned enhancements will provide interoperability with wireless fidelity (WiFi) local area networks. The smartphone interfaces with the U.S. Department of Defense Public Key Infrastructure using the government’s standard Common Access Card. Information stored in the Sectéra Edge is protected using data-at-rest encryption.

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