Screen capture app for Windows Phone 7


If you want to capture some screens from your Windows Phone 7 device, here is your app!

How-to use the app:

[Checkbox] Jaxbot’ Dehydrate hack (On / Off)
– This is for yourself, so you can toggle the “multitask” after capturing the app.
– Automatic activate on app launch (this)
– Enter this app
– Navigate to the app that you want to capture (no more than 2 apps in between (this app will be killed by “Watchdog”))
– Hold “focus” (not click, >focus), for at least 500ms
– Wait for messagebox to verify capture
– (SUCCESS) > Located under “Pictures > All > Saved Pictures”

At application start Jaxbot’s dehydrate hack, its enabled automatic by setting some registry values (that enables sort of multitasking). So that you can just run this app, go to home, enter the wanted app of you choice that you want to capture.

There is also an HTC HD2 version of this app, so you can use it by holding the Search button on the keypad!


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