TroutMob Cubism 1440×800 theme for HTC HD2

How to install:

1. Make sure you have already installed the DigitalClock for Cht2.0 and CHTS…07&postcount=4

2. Go to your phone in active sync and go into StorageCard/_CHTScheduler

Drop in the Folder from the .zip called “CHTSLayout_cubism 2”…t_cubism 2.rar

3. Soft reset then click the windows button and go to CHT_Switch and click on “Cubism 2” load cubism.

4. Assuming you have JWMD Icon Changer (if not get it) and replace

Windows Media
Shake to Save
File Explorer
Google Maps

With BlankIcon.png

Install Dic3ptors Green Slider
Tacchan23s Dusk Green Taskbar

In that order

Soft reset and i think thats it..

The only other thing you might have to do is reload the wallpapers.. not sure why.. but if so.. its prett simple just add the wallpaper as an HQ 1400×800 wallpaper (its in the file) and Skin the Soft and Taskbar..

Let me know how it works out.. in the mean time ill be trying to make it more automated.

Somewhere on your phone or sd card.. youll need it later.

Download and more info
This is the NoIcon cab for incase you need it to remove the icons are left after you run scheduler, scheduler should remove them but here is the fix just incase.

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