The iPad with 68% market share

iPad 3
Apple iPad


There can’t really be anyone, who doubts the iPad’s current state as the most popular device on the tablet market and the data published by IDC proves this fact once again. The company have revealed their statistics for tablet sales in the first quarter of 2012, during which Apple’s device has managed to increase its market share up to 68%, despite the fact, that the total number of devices sold has went down from 15,4 million to 11,8 million.

Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 3


In comparison, at the end of last year, the iPad has had a market share of 54,7% At this point, you might be wondering at whose expense Apple are increasing their market share and, if that’s the case, you should probably take a closer look at Amazon’s results. Despite the 16,8% market share, which the Kindle Fire had just months ago (at the end of last year) , the device is responsible for just 4% of the tablet sales for Q1 of 2012, which sets it in third position. Between Amazon and Apple stands, of course, the Korean giant – Samsung, while the fourth and fifth places are held by Lenovo and Barnes&Noble with their Nook. B. A.

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