The Intel Medfield Chips Performing Very Well In Benchmarks

Orange Santa Clara smartphone
Orange Santa Clara


In the new couple of months the first devices, using Intel’s new line of Medfield mobile chips, which were demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress recently, are going to hit the market. The chips are going to provide impressive performance , as proved in a couple of test, conducted by the German website Caschys Blog recently. The device, which was used for the benchmarks was the Orange Santa Clara and the benchmarks themselves – Qualcomm Vellamo and BrowserMark. As it turns out, the Intel Medfield device has managed to surpass the results of some of the current most powerful phones on the market at both  BrowserMark (iPhone 4S) and  Vellamo (Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy SII).


Intel Medfield Phone
Intel Medfield Phone


Intel have been going on about the power and performance of their smartphone Atom chips, despite the fact, that they’re single-core and are clocked at a relatively low rate (1.4gHz for the Z2460) and it seems, that they have a point. One of the other things, which we’re interested to find out is how energy efficient the chips actually are and how they’re going to fare with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, for which they’re optimized (the tests were conducted under Android 2.3.7). B. A.

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