Siri – ported to the iPhone 4

During the presentation of the new iPhone 4S, Apple brought an unpleasant surprise for many iPhone 4 users, who hoped to get the new system for voice control Siri with the iOS 5 update.

Apple decided to retain the new voice feature just for the iPhone 4S users, of course it’s just a software limitation that has nothing to do with the hardware specs (iPhone 4S has the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 4) – and here comes the first Siri port that works!

Siri voice iPhone 4S
Siri voice iPhone 4S


As you can see in the video, all Siri features are loaded and available just like in the iPhone 4S. All voice commands are recognized, but there is a problem with the Apple servers, which only handle commands from iPhone 4S. Moreover, the Siri works very slow because it uses a special graphics driver that is missing in the iPhone 4. However, the most important thing here – there is no technical obstacle to stop Siri to work with iPhone’s 4 A4 processor which is powerful enough.

We just need to sit back and wait for some more developing on the Siri port, one day it will be fully functional!

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