iPhone 4S teardown in pictures

iPhone 4S teardown
iPhone 4S teardown


The new iPhone 4S isn’t even out in stores yet, but that hasn’t stopped some lucky guys who got their devices early from tearing it apart, iFixit performed its customary teardown after getting an iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4S has the same A5 dual-core processor already used in the iPad 2. The processor is running at 1GHz, denying the rumors that they just downclock it to 800MHz. However, iPhone 4S showed incredible speed and response compared to some of its competitors. There is a little surprise at the RAM specifications: iPhone 4S only has a 512MB of RAM (in a phase of a market where competitors are aiming to smartphones with 1GB RAM).


The battery within the new iPhone 4S is different than the one inside the “old” iPhone 4, with an improved capacity and different shaped connector points.

Read more from the teardown process here.

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