Samsung GT-C6625 Valencia WM6.5 custom ROM

Windows Mobile 6.5 for the Samsung GT-C6625 Valencia (WWE English)

– This is the FIRST translated to English installation guide
– This is also the FIRST WM 6.5 English ROM

There are four versions of this ROM:
WM 6.5: 21745, 21854, 23017, 28004

Part of the version of the Source SYS
1. 21745 official 6.5 from I637
2. 21854 from HTC’s snap
3. 23017 and 28004 from the network, specific unknown
4. 20758 from the original English rom C6625

– Extract the downloaded RAR file (there will be 3 maps)
– Go the the BIN Files map and choose one of the maps containing .bin files
(I think 28004 is the latest).
– Grap the .bin file you want and copy it into the ROM folder.
– Copy or Cut the ROM folder to the root of your HardDisk (C:/ROM)

– Copy the Home (English to your SD Card (on the root (SDCARD:/Home
– Install the 2 Drivers in the folder DRIVERS
(there is a change that you get a warning for installing the drivers, just continue)

– Turn of your phone and plug-in the USB cable
– Now turn on your phone while pressing also the green call button
(Power + Call)
– Now you’re in the Bootloader Mode (when you get a message on your pc
for installing the drivers click on NO (so don’t use Windows update) and let
it search for the drivers. It will find one of the drivers in the DRIVER folder
you just downloaded and install it again.
– Then go to the ROM map (C:/ROM) and run the PDAFLASH_ActiveSyncTotal(1016).exe
– Then it will automatically download the new WM 6.5 ROM to your C6625

– When it’s finished it automatically reboots
– When the startup progress is ready you will see the TouchWiz interface and it’s all Chinese
– Just don’t click on anything and wait for 2-3 minutes (when it doesn’t restart automatically
and you noticed that the D-Pad buttons aren’t working just hold on the Power button
and it will automatically restart
– When starting up you see a Vodafone logo (this doesn’t mean there’s a
simlock, maybe we can change it later)

– When the startup progress is ready: press the left softkey 2 times (start)
– And then choose the File Explorer icon (you’ll see after the startup its Resco Explorer 2007)
– Go to the Windows folder and press and hold the right D-Pad button to scroll faster
and search for fexplorer.exe and launch it
– Now hold the HOME button (the house button under the left softkey) so the
Task Manager opens and stop the Resco Explorer 2007
– Now in the Task Manager click on the normal File Explorer icon to open it
– Go to the SD Card and install the Home (English, when it’s fully installed press the
left softkey to reboot
– After this you will notice everything is English! (You can change your location in:
Setting –> Regional Settings
– Register Resco Explorer 2007 yourself


New Keyboard Input

In the Text Field:
– Press the SYM button to change to ENG
– Press and hold the SPACE BAR to activate the symbols
– Press and hold S (*) for the T9 (it’s menu number 4) or without
AutoText number 5)
– For Keyboard Symbols press and hold the letter

Known problems

– Some parts of the UI are still Chinese (Maybe you can edit the Register,
let us know)

– There may be some problem with the 3G Network but i think that’s only in
China. I don’t have any problems (I’m from the Netherlands, Provider:

Download and more info


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