Samsung Galaxy Z


Samsung Galaxy S2 is the top model of Samsung and it is one of the best Android smartphones at the market. Although the good specifications, Samsung Galaxy S2 is still too expensive. So that, Samsung prepared a cheaper version of the phone, for people who don’t want to invest much money in their devices, named Galaxy Z. The phone looks like Galaxy S2 but the Super AMOLED display is replaced with Super Clear LCD display with WVGA resolution.


Also, the chipset of Samsung Galaxy Z is NVIDIA TEGRA 2 which is working on 1 GHz not 1.2 like in the Galaxy S2. Despite these disadvantages, it seems to be a very stylish and powerful phone with GPS, Wi-fi, FM radio, 5MP camera with LED flash, 8GB internal memory and MicroSD card slot. Samsung Galaxy Z is available on preorder in Sweden and costs 630 US dollars.


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