Andy Pad – cheap Android tablets

Andy Pad tablet

The English company Andy Pad prepares two tablets supposed to a people who don’t want to give a lot of money for a tablet, but want to try Android OS. We are expecting two tablets from the company – the first will be with 8GB memory and resistive touchscreen display and the second, will have a 16GB of memory and capacitive screen. Also, the price of the first model may be 200 US dollars and the second model will cost 270 US dollars. At the moment, we have limited information about the hardware specifications and we know that it will have a 7” screen, Wi-fi, HDMI port and will work with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). From the company promised a powerful GPU and Cortex A8 processor which works on 1.2GHZ. According to the site of Andy Pad, we have to wait 60 days  until launch of the new devices.

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