Samsung C6625 (Valencia) latest official ROM + official flashing guide

Here is the latest official ROM for the Samsung C6625 aka Valencia:

How-to flash guide:

– Download the C6625XXIG5.rar:
– Extract the C6625XXIG5.rar
– There will be a folder named C6625XXIG5
– Rename it to ROM
– Move it to C:\ (so the path will be: C:\ROM)
– Download the Samsung C6625 CP_Diver.rar:
– Extract the Samsung C6625 CP_Driver.rar and place it on your Desktop
– Shut down your device and plug-in the USB-Cable
– Now go to the C:\ROM folder and click on PDAFLASH_ActiveSyncTotal(1016)
– You will see this:
File Path

Device Disconnected!

Current Download File:
(This place will be empty)
– Click on the icon with the device with the green screen and the red arrow
– Now press the power button and the upper volume button of your device
at the same time and hold them until a message appears on your screen
– Now the Flash program will start automatically
– When finished, is will restart automatically
– It will start up and load everything
– Let it configure for a couple of minutes so don’t press anything!
– After the setup your device will restart and now you’re ready to go!


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