Pocket PC overclock – XScale and OMAP processors

How to overclock your Pocket PC with XScale or OMAP processor. Why would you want to do this? speed of course, up to 50% faster in some cases, but you can also get better battery life if you underclock your Pocket PC when you don’t need all the speed and overclock when you do.

There are many different tools that really dive in to the specific results on Pocket PC models, this how-to is to just get you up and running quickly, literally (to find your processor type go to Settings > Device Information and then Hardware tab).

Use this piece of software at your own risk!!! I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software!!!

1. Intel/Marvell XScale processors:

XCPUScalar – may be the best tool for overclocking XScale processors. XCPUScalar allows you to dynamically scale the processor speed of your Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, WM2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6. It uses the power of the XSCALE processors and unlocks its dynamic scaling capabilities. You can scale the processor speed from 100 to 728MHz. By scaling the processor speed down, you can increase the battery life between recharges or increase the speed when you need more power for playing games or multimedia programs that require more CPU power. The speed can be scaled from 100 to 300MHZ on the fly for the iPaq 1910 ,100 to 500MHz for PXA250 XSCALE processors and 100 to 530MHz at 265MHz bus for PXA255, PXA26x, and 104 to 728MHz for PXA270, PXA27x or higher processors. Also you can use the Auto Scaling capability of XCPUScalar and assign your own speeds to different CPU loads as shown in the picture above. With Auto Scaling, applications will get power on demand depending on CPU usage, saving battery life.

You can try the latest version from here.

2. TI OMAP processors:

OMAPclock is a Pocket PC overclocking applications that has some good options for Omap processors. OMAPclock was developed originally by a some Russian guys with the aim of speeding up the Motorola MPx range. By happy coincidence, HTC Wizard owners have discovered that it works on their devices too, and interest in the application has increased greatly. Okay, this is very much “use at your own risk” but it works really really great, overclocking the device from its 180Mhz to the better looking 247Mhz

This application should run on any TI OMAP device, including Smartphones such as the C600, iMate SP5 but, again, everything you do to your pocket pc is at your own risk!
Remember, this probably will cause your phone/device to blowup or something. Don’t use it if you are worried about that sort of thing.

Download it for free from here.

BatteryStatus is a freeware today-plugin which shows the remaining load of the main battery plus alot more information like the CPU usage, temperature and also overclock for some TI OMAP based devices. BatterStatus is officially tested only on a XDA Neo, but following devices were reported to be working with too:

HTC WizardQtek 9100, Dopod 838, Xda Mini S, VPA compact II, Cingular 8125, T-Mobile MDA Vario, i-mate K-JAM, Orange SPV M3000

HTC Artemis – HTC P3300, Xda Orbit, T-Mobile MDA Compact 3

BatteryStatus also includes and some very good features:

  • Original cpuspeed: Here you must enter the original cpuspeed. If you dont know it, you can use the Get-Button. By the way, the cpu of XDA Neo runs originally on 195 MHz.
  • Overclock to Speed: With this combobox you can set the cpuspeed to which the plugin shall overclock the cpu. 260 MHz has turned out to be the highest clockspeed for a stable operating of XDA Neo.
  • Overclock on wakeup: This option let BatteryStatus overclock the cpu on wakeup/resume of the device. The latter implies, that the cpuspeed falls back to the original cpuspeed if the device switches in one of the sleep modes. This is controlled by the operating system itself !
  • Remember last CpuSpeed: If this option is checked, then the cpuspeed before going to suspend will be restored after wakeup.
  • Overclock after Reboot: If you want your device to be overclocked after a softreset, then you must check this option. Be careful with this option. I would not do that, so its your choice and you have to know what you do.

Download it for free from here.


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