Opera Mobile 12 Breaking Records for HTML5 Content Processing [Video]

Opera have decided to take advantage of the Mobile Congress and introduce the new version of their popular Android web browser – Opera Mobile. With the 12th version of the browser come a lot of improvements in the application’s code, but end-users aren’t likely to notice anything new in the interface or functionality. Opera Mobile 12 uses a new image processing engine, supports full WebGL integration and the overall processing of HTML5 content has improved a lot.


Opera Mobile 12 HTML5 Test
Opera Mobile 12 HTML5 Test


The browser has managed to score a remarkable 354+11 points on the html5test.com test, which is the highest score achieved up to date. Of course, the scoretable is changing constantly, but still, such a result is very impressive. Opera Mobile 12 is already available for download from the Android Market – https://market.android.com/details?id=com.opera.browser. B. A.

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