Anastasia advance end-key for HTC HD2

This work is based on the latest creation from Johcos work, who create a replacement advance EndKey for HTC HD2. This time he have done it in the traditional HTC Style! But if you missed the Anastasia style on it just take a look here 🙂

Integrated Themes are: Carbon, Leather, Green and WhiteBlue Abstract

Changelog v4.5 24/07/2010

-Added support for themes.
-Themes are in zip format and only the files needed are extracted (less space).
-When changing theme all previously used brn files are deleted.
-Pressing on the top left corner will bring up the changing theme process.
-Pressing on the top right corner will bring up the configuration options.
-Added setup.dll which will run the process to apply your theme when installing and will delete all brn files from your windows folder when uninstalling.
-Customization dialogs are replaced with choices menus.
-8 different choices of customization between (Boot-louder, Lock device, WiFi, Comm manager,Vibration and phone)
-4 themes in the cab (Carbon, Leather, Green and With Blue )
-On request choice between Grey, Blue, Red and Black buttons.
-Also the coice between Black and Blue pres button!
-Integrated shortcut to EndKey in start menu


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