The (Symbian) Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 Update

Nokia 808 PureView smartphone
Nokia 808 PureView


Along with the Nokia 808 PureView, the next major Symbian update was revealed. Surprisingly it’s not the Carla, as we thought it would, but rather “Belle Feature Pack 1” , so it’s a sort of update of the Belle update. Still, it features a lot of improvements for both personalisation and performance. The FP1 is going to be available for the 603, 700 and 701 in the recent future and it’s going to bring Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus support for the devices, providing a better quality of sound, when connecting your device to a home cinema or headphones.


Symbian Belle update
Symbian Belle update


With this update, the current widgets are going to be improved and additional ones are going to be added, along with a new and improved browser with HTML5 support. The status bar and task manager have also been altered. The big surprise is reserved only for the 700 and 701 users – with this update, the processors in their devices are going to start running at 1.3 gHz instead of just 1 gHz like they have so far. B. A.

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