Nokia X6 to Nokia C6-01: why to upgrade?

The first Nokia smartphone to launch with capacitive touch-screen feature was Nokia X6. It became the perfect smartphone for quick messaging and users found it helpful too. Well, if you are planning to upgrade Nokia X6 then you must opt for a smartphone which has better features, looks, design better than X6. This is where Nokia C6-01 becomes the most suitable to upgrade from X6. If you are still thinking why C6-01, then read on for the justification.

Nokia C6-01 has the new Symbian 3 operating system which is loaded with new and attractive graphics. It can become one of the most selling smartphone from Nokia with the price tag which it carries. Nokia C6-01 costs around $380 while Nokia X6 will cost you $680 which is $300 more.

Nokia X6 has 3.2 inch screen with capacitive panel however Nokia C6-01 has AMOLED technology which is a very big change in terms of screen. C6-01 will offer you sharper and more shinier images than X6. Nokia C6-01 also has a screen resolution of 640 x 360 pixels which will helps users video brighter images than X6. Upgrading X6 to C6-01 will allow users to experience something new in terms of watching videos and pictures.

Symbian 3 operating system with Nokia C6-01 offers a high end graphics and is faster and polished than previous versions. It is more advanced than S60 5th Edition OS which is normally found on touch screen Nokia phones. Nokia C6-011 offers less and limited space of 340 MB of internal storage but it also offers upgrade to 32GB space with microSD card.

Nokia C6-01 is available with 3G/HSPA as well as Wi-Fi built-in which allows users to stay connected with their loved ones easily. It also has 8 mega pixel camera which is more than Nokia X6 which has 5 mega pixel. The phone also supports 720p HD quality video recording and high end picture snapping that will completely change the way you used to use old camera phones.Nokia C6-01 also has full QWERTY keypad which has been in fashion with all the latest smartphones in the market. The phone has seen many positive response from the day it has launched. So upgrading your old fashioned Nokia X6 to Nokia C6-01 will be the best option this season.

The Ovi map integration with Nokia C6-01 is also another feature which makes it a must phone. The device will help you as a tour guide when you are traveling out of station. The big screen of the device will help you get the clear picture of maps.


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