Lexar 32GB Class 10 microSDHC card

Even though 32GB microSDHC memory cards can hold a tons of multimedia such music, videos, pictures and games on your phone, their speeds haven’t been very impressive. Most cards offers only a Class 2 and Class 4 speed ratings. If you have the need for speed for that new dual-core Android or Windows Phone 7 smartphones, then you may want to check out the new Lexar 32GB microSDHC card that comes in the market with a fastest Class 10 rating, guaranteeing a minimum write speed of 10MB/s and a read speed up to 20MB/s.

“We’ve seen a steady rise in the sophistication of smart and mobile phones, and usage trends show a convergence between communication and entertainment. Today’s users rely on their mobile devices, beyond talk and email, for capturing live moments and downloading their favorite content – whether it’s photos, music, or HD video – and they want the flexibility to store and share them on demand. It is with this knowledge that we’ve developed this convenient, all-in-one solution to enable users to not only capture moments and download content, but also to move these to a computer or social media sites easily.” said Jim Chan, from Lexar Media.

You can purchase the Lexar 32GB microSDHC card + USB thumb drive for $149.99 from their official site, or from Amazon for $108 (but not in-stock yet).

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