New Compass application for Samsung Omnia II and Omnia Pro

Simple start the application. If you see the “Calibration Screen” then do what it says, rotate your phone in the 3 axis with full circles. If you away from any electronic and magnetic interference, the calibration takes 3-5 seconds. If you can’t wait to complete the process, you can skip it, but then the compass may not be accurate.

It works on these devices:
– Samsung Omnia 2 (i8000)
– Samsung Omnia 2 (i920)
– Omnia Pro (B7610)
– WM6.1 & WM6.5

You can create your own Compass and page skins:
0. Download the 3.2 SDK file from here.
1. In this, you can find everything what you need to know to create your own compass skin and page backgrounds.
2. The PSD files are the samples. To the compass creation, you found a Tutorial document with screenshots in the Compass folder. With that, you can create it easily.
3. In every folder in this compressed file you found a Folder.txt. This contain the appropriate folder where you need to put your own skins.
4. The program automatically put the new skin to the list of skins in the Skins page.
5. Enjoy!


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