Msm7kCpuSpeed – Overclock tool for HTC Touch Pro, Diamond, Touch Pro2, Touch HD and more

After LeoCpuSpeed to overclock the HD2, there is a program for overclocking the MSM7k SoC on the Raphael, with success. The same processor is present on the Diamond, Rhodium and the Topaz, so it should work on all of these devices.

You’ve been able to underclock to 57MHz and overclock up to 710MHz, using small 19.2MHz steps. It can clock even further, but it depends on the quality of the processor in your device where the limit for you lies.

Supported devices
– Raphael (HTC Touch Pro)
– Diamond (unconfirmed)
– Rhodium (HTC Touch Pro2)
– Topaz (HTC Diamond2)
– Blackstone (HTC Touch HD)
– Whitestone

– The CPU speed is calculated from the actual clock registers, not via some dll or shady method.
– CPU speed is updated every 250ms
– A small dot blinks on each update so that you can see if your device hangs or not.
– Under- or overclock by moving the slider

Notes on overclocking
2) Only works while connected to AC power
3) The “604MHz” OC frequency is a special one. Only with this frequency set, you can remove AC power without having a lockup. So: after you overclock and want to remove your USB cable, set it to 604MHz first! You’ll see it go back to the default 528MHz a second after you remove the cable. That’s something the device does, not from the app.
4) Overclocking while on battery gives insta-hang.
5) “Apply at boot” is disabled as under- or overclock would hang at boot.

When using TCPMP to benchmark the overclock, be aware that this tool overclocks the CPU, not the GPU.


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