HTC HD Pro Concept by Jukah

The whole point of the concept was to have a good keyboard while looking like a slate phone. OLED displays and digitizers strengthened with new composites could easily be under 4mm thick. Space could also be saved with a hinge mechanism that has dual purposes as part of the body of the phone.

The concept has a 4.3″ screen that is slightly thicker than 3.2mm, encased in a durable glass and extremely unbendable metal. The phone is no thicker than 11.5mm while still having a 5 row staggered keyboard. There is still plenty of room for components. Approx. 62165.95 cubic mm is still available for components. This is very close to the iPhone’s 62781.7 cubic mm (counting the space taken by screen and digitizer) volume. Along with the standard variety of ports (3.5mm jack, MicroUSB, and mini HDMI), the concept has a high capacity battery (>1500mAh) that is removable from the phone when the keyboard is opened. Pushing the capacitive volume slider on the device in allows you to access the keyboard (this works because the volume slider is part of the screen).

Author: Jukah

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