How-to format the internal memory on your HTC Diamond

This program already exists for XPERIA X1, HTC HD2, Touch Pro2  and it’s tested and works. So here is the task29 program for your HTC Diamond (GSM version).

We do not take any responsibility for any damage done to your device. Use it at your own risk, and only after you have HSPL already installed on your device!

Do not know what a HSPL is, check here:

Now we can MTTY our HTC Diamond devices without having the need of MTTY and its drivers.

What is TASK29 and MTT:

When you flash a rom, you are copying files onto the internal memory but if you repeatadly flash different roms, sometimes files from older version stays behind as when you flash a rom, you just copy and sometimes overwrite files without deleting the older ones. Hence at times these older files may create bugs or instability, hardrest do not always fix it, so we use MTTY for full memory format. But the thing is, MTTY is and can be hard to use for new users, so here is a tool to do this operation:


  1. Download and unzip.
  2. Run then ROMUpdateUtility.exe and wait for it to finish.
  3. Device will reboot but will neva go past the bootscreen coz there is no OS to boot.
  4. Take out the battery and then flash a rom using mSD card or by taking device into bootloader and using customRUU to load ur favorite RO.



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