Anuvadak v1.1 – Google translator for Windows Mobile phones

So here it is, the all new version of Anuvadak 1.1, the best Google Translate app for Windows Mobile devices, you need to try it!

What’s new in this version Anuvadak 1.1:

+ Added QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA support
+ Improved Instant translation but still in alpha
+ Added paste support with a dedicated paste button. No more long press to select paste option
+ Added dictionary items with translation

  • * Nouns
  • * Pronouns
  • * Adjectives
  • * Interjection
  • * Conjunction
  • * Verb
  • * Adverb
  • * Abbreviation

+ Added check for update option
+ Added user-selectable option to show number of items in history – This is major memory improvement. Devices with low memory choose less than 5 items
+ Added support for saving a language pair as favorite or save it as default
+ Added support to show all indic and Asian languages.


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