LG KS20 Windows Mobile 6.5.3 custom ROM OS 5.2.23518

http://sony-clie.pdatopsoft.com/images/screenshots/img4adffef35e994.jpgRom information:
KS20 WM6.5.3 CE OS 5.2.23518 (Build 23518 FB)10E WWE Clean http://www.mediafire.com/ks20
branch COM5

What’s new:
– build update from 28014 to 23518 built with Spocky’s latest Vogica kitchen 2.0 based on ervius visual kitchen
Improved amount of free RAM around 43-44MB instead of 35-38MB
– New Office pack 2010 (Excel, Word, OneNote, Powerpoint, Sharepoint) included

what’s been tested:
– volume control ok
– SMS, games tested ok
– wifi ok
– Owner info ok
– save option with camera works fine
– SIP ok
– bluetooth ok
OTA sync with ActiveSync ok.

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