Windows Mobile 7 it’s based on Windows CE 7

Contrary to prior rumors that applications or programs developed for Windows Mobile 6.x and earlier would not be compatible with Microsoft’s next generation Windows Mobile 7 OS–yet to be released–it seems that the latest rumors point to apps being compatible. Furthermore, Windows Mobile 7 will be developed on a Windows CE core according to WMPowerUser. An anonymous source has confirmed with WMPU that Windows Mobile 7 will be based on a new Windows CE 7 core, code named Chelan, which brings a number of features including dual-core CPU support, Internet Explorer 7 protocols with plug-ins, DLNA, and WiFi positioning.

Dual-core CPU support would definitely jive well with Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon, which debuted at CES and tops out at 1.5 GHz currently; the company also makes a single-core 1.3 GHz CPU. Internet Explorer Mobile currently on 6.5 and later is based on IE6; IE7 on Windows Mobile 7 and CE 7 should bring the latest in internet browsing security and compatibility.

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