Is The iPad’s A5X Chips Really More Powerful Than The Tegra 3

iPad 3 A5X chip

iPad 3 A5X chip

An NVIDIA employee (Ken Brown) recently stated in an interview for ZDNet, that the company has no idea what kind of benchmarks Apple were talking about, when they compared the chip in their latest device (the new iPad 3 / iPad HD) with the Tegra 3. At the event, at which they reveled their new tablet, Apple announced, that the A5X processor is up to 4 times more powerful than NVIDIA’s most powerful chip on the market. According to Brown, though, this statement could only be true, if Apple tested their tablet with just  a few specific applications. He has also said, that the company is going to buy an iPad only to see for theirselves, whether or not Apple are misleading their customers.

Meanwhile some other users have already managed to conducts test of their own and although their results also point to the iPad being more productive than a Tegra 3 tablet, the difference is nowhere near as big as Apple would have us believe. B. A.

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