The first Intel Atom smartphone is about to hit the market

The last couple of years Intel have worked very hard to come back (they sold their mobile chips division XScale to Marvell back in 2006) on the mobile processors market, which is currently dominated by the ARM architecture, and their efforts are finally about to be rewarded – the first device, using Intel’s Medfield chips is about to hit the market just now. It’s coming from a rather unpopular company – Lava and will only be sold in India, at least for the time being.

Xolo X900
Xolo X900


The Lava Xolo X900, which is powered by a Medfield processor, running at 1.6 gHz, has a 4″ display and an 8MP camera – hardly impressive specifications, but far from bad either. Orange UK are also planning to offer a similar device in the coming months and then there’s Lenovo with their K800, which is going to be released in China later this year. Another big company, which we know is going to release an Intel powered smarpthone (along with other devices, actually) is Motorola, whose future as a company remains unknown. B. A.

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