HTC G1 tips and tricks


  • Holding down the home key will bring up your programs running in the background.
  • Adjusting the volume will adjust volume all the way to muting sound.
  • Clicking down the End key will place your phone in sleep mode.
  • Holding down the End key while bring up the “reset” feature.
  • Turning off the GPS saves battery life to do so go to Menu, Settings, Security and Location.
  • To rename a folder on the homescreen click and hold the dock at the top of the folders name. *AnyCut is needed*
  • Long press the phone key for voice dial.
  • To make ringtones, alerts, and notifications make a folder inside your memory card each one containing there own name such as “ringtones” “alarms” “notifications”
  • To Cut, press Menu and X.
  • To Copy, press Menu and C.
  • To Paste, press Menu and V.
  • To forward picture and text messages: Press and hold the message.
  • When Typing, If you want to delete a word at the time press menu and delete and will erase a word at the time instead of one character at the time…
    Edit/Delete Message

Hard Reset

  • Slide open keyboard
  • Press Alt and L at the same time you will get a screen with some options listed
  • Press Alt and W at the same time to wipe device to factory reset
  • Once it is finished press home and back key at the same time
  • Remove the battery
  • Reinsert the battery

This will wipe your device to factory reset. You will need to log in to your gmail account like you initially did.


Saving pictures from the web:

  • Press and hold the image for 3 seconds, a selection will pop-up either to save image or view image. It may contain more selections if the image contains a link.

Faster scrolling in the browser:

  • Hold down ALT key and roll trackball for fast scrolling.
  • Press space bar for a fast scroll down.
  • Shift+Space goes up

Browser General

  • Long press trackball on image to bring up “save image/view image”
  • Long press trackball over url to bring up “open/open in new window/bookmark link/save link/share link/copy link url”
  • Press menu to bring up browser menu (go to url/search/bookmarks/…etc); long-press menu to temporarily flash the shortcuts.
  • To activate the magnify glass on the browser click the trackball twice.

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